Implementation of the United Kingdom Trade Continuity Remission Order, 2021

Canada U.K.

Effective January 1, 2021, importers of qualifying goods may cite the United Kingdom Trade Continuity Remission Order, 2021 #20-1135, in order to benefit from the remission of duties.

The Government of Canada has issued the Canada-United Kingdom Trade Continuity Remission Order, 2021, to minimize disruptions for Canadian importers. The order ensures that tariff benefits currently afforded to eligible imports from the United Kingdom under CETA, and replicated in the future Canada-UK TCA, are temporarily available to Canadian importers. In exchange, the United Kingdom has agreed to provide reciprocal tariff benefits for eligible Canadian exports to the United Kingdom. The remission order is intended to remain in effect until the Canada-UK TCA can enter into force through respective legislative procedures.

Importers are responsible for obtaining documentation in support of a claim for remission under the Order. The Canada Border Services Agency will accept documentation from exporters in the U.K. in support of an importer’s claim for remission.

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