Freight Forwarding

Flexible freight solutions for the modern supply chain.

Your supply chain demands a freight forwarder that understands your products, suppliers and trade patterns, all while providing incredible customer service that is flexible to your needs. We seamlessly integrate freight forwarding services with our deep knowledge of customs brokerage.

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Cargo Insurance

A Canadian Company

Carson has freight offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal to serve your international freight requirements.

Global Coverage

Our dedicated network of global logistics partners means we have you covered in all major worldwide logistics hubs.

Asia-Pacific Specialists

Our core freight business focuses on the Asia-Pacific gateway.-With decades of experience managing cargo through this freight lane, we utilize our unsurpassed knowledge to ensure on-time delivery of your goods.

Driven by Technology

All freight shipments handled by Carson are fully visible throughout their journey, from origin to destination, using our best-in-class tracking software. All Shipment Documentation, Billing Information and advanced reporting can be viewed through our online web app.

Customized Solutions

Looking for a better way to meet your shipping needs? We will work with you a custom to find a solution to address any problems in your supply chain -We work with the world’s leading carriers to offer flexibility, even during times of scarce supply.


Q: What is freight forwarding?

Freight forwarding is a set of services that coordinates the shipment of goods from one location to another. In today’s global market, it’s one of the most commonly used methods for international transport of goods.


Q: What is the difference between freight forwarding and logistics?

Unlike a logistics company, a freight forwarder may partner with a network of logistics companies, but they do not have any assets themselves. Logistics companies own all of their own assets including truck fleets, boats, planes etc. but don’t have any access to any shipping routes. Learn more about the difference between freight forwarders and logistic companies.


Q: What are the different types of freight?

The different types of freight are air freight, ocean freight (sea cargo), ground transportation/land freight (rail, LTL, FTL). Learn more about the different types of freight.


Q: Can I receive notification from my shipper on the status of my international shipment?

International shipment can and will be tracked every step of the way and you will receive all related notifications. By using state of the art software, we are able to keep you informed each step of the way.


Q: Can I change the final destination, should it change during international shipment?

Yes, just notify our office and we will alter the details and any notifications will reflect those changes. This can be achieved if we catch it early enough in the process.  Also, there are usually fees that are unavoidable by the steamship lines.

Mike Long

International Freight Director