Disrupted Supply Chains Strain Trade among U.S., Mexico and Canada


As COVID-19 continues to impact global economies, Resilience360, a cloud-based platform that helps companies to visualize, track and protect their business operations, recently released a series of reports that analyze key challenges that cross-border operators in Canada and the United States face.

With individual provinces and states largely in charge of deciding on issues relating to business closures and shelter-in-place advisories, Canada and the United States have been experiencing a somewhat patchwork approach to the pandemic. Business closures and shelter-in-place orders have impeded ground freight delivery schedules from an accessibility perspective, with restaurant and rest stop closures also impacting truck drivers.

An additional area of complexity lies with Mexico, having decided to close its factories as of March 30. Similarly to Canada and the United States, federal and state governments have not been on the same page in terms of determining how and when businesses should re-open.

Click here to read the report “COVID-19 Outbreak in the U.S. and Canada: Impact on North American Supply Chain Operations.”

Click here to read the report “Production Halts and Industrial Action in Mexico Amid COVID-19 Pandemic.”

Amid the disruptions to supply chains, working with a trusted trade advisor can help mitigate complex trade issues that have arisen as a result of COVID-19. Get in touch with a Carson trade expert today.