Textile Logistics
Fashion logistics presents its own unique challenges. Goods may be shipped on hangers from the factory or transported in boxes to their final point of sale. Product may require garment finishing, sorting and distribution.

To make certain that garments arrive in perfect condition, it takes a specialized and flexible trade services provider. And when goods need to be on the shelf, at a certain time and for a certain price, North America’s largest retailers and fashion importers turn to us.     

Whatever your need, our team of fashion logistics experts have a solution.    

We provide:

  • Supply chain logistics consulting
  • Customs clearance 
  • Consolidation and deconsolidation container services
  • International freight forwarding

We’re your contingency plan. Absorb fluctuating consumer demand and establish an accurate returns management program with our Asian and North American warehouse and distribution network.  In the event of a border delay or port disruption, our teams of local customs and freight experts are ideally situated to respond by expediting your freight and preventing the incursion of costly storage fees. 

You benefit from:

  • Savings in customs duties
  • Single point of contact for customs clearance and transportation services
  • Access to expedited transport modes
  • Real time access to TPL quota levels

Our service goes far beyond textile transport.  Whether you need to meet a fixed delivery day or any tight timeline, we can handle your textile logistics needs.

To learn more about our Fashion Focused services or to speak to a client representative about your unique needs, please contact us at 1-888-4-CARSON (227766).