Non-resident Importer Solutions
Accessing the lucrative Canadian marketplace is as easy as calling Carson and asking one of our trade experts about the regulations and process of becoming an NRI.

We know the Canadian marketplace, its customs regulations and how U.S. based companies succeed in Canada. Becoming a Non-resident importer (NRI) might be the solution for you. We understand the 1980 Canada/US Tax Treaty that ensures that you only pay corporate taxes in one country; in most cases the United States.

A non-resident importer (NRI) is a company that does not have a presence in Canada but imports into Canada under its own name. As an NRI your selling price to Canadian customers can include duty, tax and even freight. You gain control over your complete supply chain.

Our Non-resident Importer solutions

  • Assistance acquiring a Canadian Business Number & GST number
  • Customs clearance
  • Determining product NAFTA eligibility
  • Monitoring and managing your duty and tax recovery program
  • Warehousing, fulfillment and returns management

In addition to a more consistent customs clearance process, other benefits include:

  • Providing your Canadian clients with a landed cost
  • Eliminating border delays
  • Improved maintenance of customs books and records
  • Simplifying the buying process for your Canadian clients

To learn more about our services or to become a Non-resident importer please contact us at
1-888-4-CARSON (227766) or


Duty & Tax Recovery

We’re experts in identifying refund opportunities. 

If your goods are imported into Canada or the U.S., you may qualify for a duty drawback or refund.

Based upon the most recent rulings and remissions, our Customs Advisory Specialists analyze your import transactions for accurate tariff classification, origin determination and correct product valuation.