Asian Pacific Expertise
Supported by a strong network of agents, we can effectively manage every aspect of your Asian Pacific supply chain.  Our strong relationships provide you with the regional business knowledge needed to stay informed of overseas regulations and local trading practices.

Rest easy knowing your goods are being handled by us.  Trust our experts to source inland transportation, consolidate freight and ensure your vendors are compliant with today’s strict shipping requirements. 

You will stay informed.  Our leading edge technology notifies you when goods are ready to be shipped or awaiting foreign border clearance.  You will know when your product is loaded onto the vessel and it’s arrival date into port.   

You’ll also benefit from:

  • Reduced paperwork
  • Online track and trace
  • Single invoicing
  • The ability to determine an accurate landed cost

From pick-up to final delivery, whether by air, ocean or ground, we can handle all of your shipping needs.

To learn more about our services or to become an international freight forwarding client please contact us at 1-888-4-CARSON (227766).

Cargo Insurance
Cargo insurance covers physical damage to, or loss of your goods whilst in transit by land, sea and air.

Once outside of your own or your vendor’s facility, your goods are subject to the rigors of transit.  And in most cases, carriers limit their coverage to less than the full value of your product.  If your product is damaged en-route, you will most likely suffer a financial loss.

We offer complete coverage for your goods, at competitive rates. 

A cargo insurance strategy is a low cost measure to guarantee your peace-of-mind.